Thermal Cafetieres

Insulated and Thermal Cafetieres

Half cafetiere, half thermos, these thermal or insulated cafetieres are made specifically to keep your coffee at the right drinking temperature for longer. They have "double walls" to keep the heat in, but not only that, many of them are made from stainless steel and look exceptionally beautiful, as well as being practical and "multi functional".

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About Thermal Cafetieres

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Thermal Cafetiere

Cafetieres have been around as a coffee brewing appliance for well over a century and have gone through many design changes in that time, including a transition to insulated and thermal models similar to a thermos. But is there any real advantage to using an insulated thermal cafetiere for your coffee?

Hot coffee for longer - but is it still drinkable?

The claim for an insulated cafetiere is that the coffee is kept hot three times as long as an un-insulated model. However, though that claim may be true, it is also true that the longer the coffee stays in the pot, the stronger, and even more bitter, it can become.

If the coffee grounds are kept pressed down at the bottom of the container, they will continue to infuse the beverage and intensify the flavour. A simple taste test proves this assertion - compared to a coffee sample taken immediately after brewing, a sample held for just five minutes in an insulated cafetiere is still hot, but much stronger in taste.

Remember, the recommended brewing time is that perfect length of time that extracts and mixes all the tasty flavours from the coffee grounds. Take any longer, and the coffee goes beyond tasty to horrid, even if it is still the exact same flavour. It's the added intensity that spoils coffee, as well as the introduction of new oils not extracted within the brewing time. Coffee kept twenty minutes in an insulated cafetiere may well be undrinkable.

So, the claim that an insulated cafetiere keeps your coffee hotter longer is true, but, when you add to that claim the fact that the flavour will be worse, it doesn't seem worthwhile to buy an insulated cafetiere.

But steady heat for brewing means better coffee

But there is another reason why a thermal cafetiere might be useful: the stability of the interior temperature. Efficiency of brewing within the recommended brewing time could very well be the reason for using an insulated model over an un-insulated one.

The infusion of the oils and flavours in the coffee grounds into the hot water depends on the temperature - the more the water loses its heat, the less efficient the brewing process will be. Experiments have shown that, in four minutes, an un-insulated cafetiere will lose twice as much heat as an insulated one. In other words, the insulated cafetiere keeps a steadier heat during the brewing process. And keeping the heat steady can only help the infusion of the coffee grounds.

So, in this comparison, the insulated or thermal cafetiere comes out on top. Certainly there are advantages in using a thermal or insulated cafetiere for brewing your coffee: steady heat means better a better brew. But a thermal cafetiere doesn't mean you can leave your coffee in there for hours and expect it still to taste good. If this is your intention, you might be better off using a cafetiere to brew the coffee, but after brewing, pour the brewed coffee into some other container, preferably something insulated that will not lose heat and will keep the coffee hot.

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