Small Cafetieres: 1 to 3 cup

From Single Cup to Three Cup Cafetieres

Sometimes you just need to make a quick coffee for one or two people. There's no point wasting good, fresh ground coffee if there's no-one there to drink it, after all. That's way many of the best cafetiere brands have these small sized version available. The standard size for a small cafetiere is the 3 cup. We are always on the look out for smaller, single cup sizes, but they are quite hard to come by. In fact, if that's what you are after, then consider one of the clever mug cafetieres here.

Below we have hand picked the very best small cafetieres, so you don't need to spend hours searching through all the home and kitchen web sites - you can find the right small cafetiere here, at a glance. Our cafetieres selection comes only from reliable retailers in UK and our Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices on Example available to buy in UK.

Our Choice of the Best Small Cafetieres

See above for all the best deals and choice in 1 cup to 3 cup cafetieres.

About our Small Cafetieres Choice

A small, 3 cup cafetiere is perfect for making a quick, fresh coffee for just one or two people. It's often hard to judge just how much water to add to a large cafetiere meant for several people - too much, and you've just made some very weak coffee. Too little and look out, that's going to be strong! So the small cafetieres above a great for letting you make just the right strength coffee in just the right amount for one or two people sharing.

Our choice of small cafetieres includes 3 cup cafetieres, but where possible we will include single, 1 cup and 2 cup sizes when we find them. The small cafetiere choice includes models from the best known cafetiere brands, such as La Cafetiere, Thermique and Bodum, as well as one or two quality models from John Lewis own brand. There are the normal or typical glass style cafetieres, which come with a variety of fittings, such as the classic chrome frame, to the trendy colourful purple or green plastic from the Bodum "Brazil" range. There are also one or two stainless steel 3 cup cafetieres available, although if you are specifically looking for these types of cafetieres, then see our stainless steel choice here, or our thermal cafetieres here.

Cleaning and Care for Cafetieres

Cleaning and good care is important to make sure your cafetiere lasts well, and always provides you with great tasting coffee. Once you have prepared and drunk your coffee using a cafetiere, throw out the old, soaked coffee grounds, then simply clean the cafetiere by rinsing with hot water. The filter can usually be used between five and ten times before it needs cleaning, although some prefer to clean it after every use. But at least once a week, take the filter apart - it should come apart easily enough into two flat metal rings and a mesh screen. Let these components soak in hot water overnight. Re-assemble and start the whole wonderful process of making and enjoying coffee all over again.

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