Mug and Travel Cafetieres

A travel or mug cafetiere is perfect for those on the go

So, you love the taste of fresh coffee, but don't have enough time make it, sit down and enjoy it? Well never worry, becasue thanks to these clever little mug cafetieres, you can make and drink fresh coffee on the go - so now there's no need to miss out on your home brewed morning coffee! A cafetiere mug is a clever little combination of a cafetiere (for making the coffee), a thermos (for keeping it warm) and a mug (for drinking from). These unique inventions make the perfect goft for coffee clovers on the go. Simply add your ground coffee and hot water, then off you go to catch your train or drive into work. Easy!

Our Choice of the Best Mug & Travel Cafetieres

We have searched high and low to bring you the best in all types of cafetieres, including the travel mug cafetieres above. Our selection comes only from the most reliable UK retailers, and our Price Checker is constantly updated, so you can be sure to find the best deals as well as the best mug cafetieres. See above for all the best deals and choice in travel and mug cafetieres.

About Our Mug and Travel Cafetiere Choice

Mug cafetieres are a unique invention and perfectly suit anyone who loves fresh, home brewed coffee, but never has the time to make and enjoy it at home. So if you are always dashing out of the door feeling you've missed out on your morning cup of coffee, you simply must try out a mug cafetiere.

About cafetieres...

The first cafetiere was reputably made in France in the late 1800s - essentially, it was a cheesecloth screen attached to a movable rod which pressed the coffee grounds down into a pot of boiling water. The idea obviously caught on, and soon improvements to the idea were being made. For example, screens made out of a fine mesh metal were the next design change. Then advances in glass manufacturing meant that the cafetiere body could be made from toughened, heat resistant glass. Later still, modern cafetiere lines now have models that have a stainless-steel body, and also a double-wall construction that insulates the contents much like a thermos, called thermal cafetieres. The next advancement was the travel mug cafetiere - a clever combination of mug, thermos and cafetiere, all in one! See above for our great choice of travel cafetieres and mug cafetieres.

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