Large Cafetieres

8 cup to 12 cup cafetieres

If you have a family of coffee lovers, or perhaps find yourself entertaining a lot, you will certainly see the advantages in using one of the large cafetieres below. These cafetieres are the biggest you can buy, and include 8 cup, some 10 cup, and all the way to the huge 12 cup cafetiere sizes. We have hand picked the very best large cafetieres, so you don't need to spend hours searching through all the home and kitchen wares web sites - you can find the right cafetiere here, at a glance. Our large cafetieres selection comes only from reliable retailers in UK and our Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices on a cafetiere available to buy in UK.

Our Choice of the Best Large Cafetieres

See above for all the best deals and choice in large cafetieres, including 8 cup, 10 cup and 12 cup sizes.

About our Large Cafetieres Selection

These days making coffee using a cafetiere is considered one of the best ways to get the full flavour of quality ground coffee. So what better way to let others enjoy the taste, than by making your coffee in one of these larger cafetieres. There will be enough delicious coffee for all the family, or perhaps if you are entertaining, then you can be sure everyone around the table will have a tasty cup of coffee to end the meal.

Sometimes only a large cafetiere will do. After all, there's nothing worse than brewing a coffee, only to find there's not enough to go around. So why not just get yourself a cafetiere big enough to brew a good cup of coffee for everyone!

Our choice of large cafetieres includes models from the well know brands, such as Bodum and La Cafetiere, in a range of styles including the standard glass cafetiere, with either chrome or plastic fittings, as well as one or two stainless steel and thermal cafetiere. If you are specifically looking for these types of cafetieres, then see our stainless steel choice here, or our thermal cafetieres here. The large size cafetiere usually comes with a capacity for 8 cups of coffee, through to 10 cups, then up to 12 cups as the typical largest size.

A bit of Background about Cafetieres

The cafetiere is known by that name in the Netherlands and in the UK; the name is derived from the French word that means "coffee maker." The French name of the French Press is the "cafetière à piston." In Italy, it is called a "Feurn de Leur." South Africa, Australia and New Zealand simply call it a "coffee plunger." Other places name the device for its best-known manufacturer in the region, such as Melior in France or Bodum in Denmark. Travel models and double-wall insulated stainless-steel versions are popular everywhere too.

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