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La Cafetiere Cafetieres are some of the most popular cafetieres around. In fact, the clue is in the name! The La Cafetiere range includes the standard, glass and chrome cafetiere, in a range of sizes, sometimes called the La Cafetiere Optima. But the company have steadily introduced a range of innovative designs, such as the colourful Rainbow selection, which includes a pink polka dot cafetiere, and the lovely Titania cafetiere, with a standard style glass beaker, but with an elegant stainless steel casing which has been screen printed with a floral motif. There is also a stylish thermal cafetiere - the Thermique - also in stainless steel, in an elegant jug shape, making it perfect for the dining or breakfast table. For a more modern look, also see the La Cafetiere Venus Induction model, again in wonderful stainless steel finish.

Our Choice of the Best from La Cafetiere

Well, it would be easy to pick out the standard La Cafetiere Optima. After all, it has everything you would need from a quality cafetiere, all wrapped up in that classic design icon that's been around for about 50 years or more.

But if you are after something a little different, then also see the unique La Cafetiere Venus Induction. This cafetiere is a little different to the others, not just because of its modern, sleek looks. It is specially made for use on induction, gas, electric and ceramic cookers. But don't worry - the handle and knob won't get hot, since they are made in isolating material. It can hold up to 10 cups, and is dishwasher safe, and stands 24cm tall. A lovely cafetiere - but then again, when the classic glass beaker and chrome fittings of the Optima look and work so well, why change a good thing?

La Cafetiere

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A coffee lover knows that one of the best ways to do it yourself is to invest in a good cafetiere. They are also known as French presses. The cafetiere was invented in France around one-hundred and fifty years ago, although the design wasnít actually patented until 1929, in Italy. Youíve probably seen many of them around, especially in restaurants. They have a strong glass container shaped like a beaker, with a plunger on top, which is made up of a plunging rod and a filter made from wire meshing. To make the coffee, you simply add a few spoonfuls of coarse ground coffee into the beaker, and pour hot water on top. Never pour boiling water inside, as this scorches the grounds, and if it is done repeatedly, can cause the beaker to shatter. Then simply wait around four minutes before depressing the plunger. Itís a very easy way of making a real, flavoured cup of coffee with little fuss, and the coffee is every bit as good as the expensive ones from coffee shops!

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