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Our Choice of the Best Grunwerg Cafetieres

About Grunwerg

Grunwerg is a household and kitchen accessories company based in Sheffield, Yorkshire. It's been in the business for over 60 years, so should know a thing or two about household goods. Their range includes cutlery, serving ware, tableware, cookware and kitchen knives, as well as tea ware and the wonderful range of Grunwerg cafetieres above.

Our Choice of the Best Grunwerg

We love the slight twist on an old classic with this Deluxe glass cafetiere from Grunwerg. The flat rather than domed top, makes this elegant cafetiere stand out, as do the chrome fittings and stand. There's also a stainless steel plunger and soft grip handle, and a heat resistant glass beaker large enough to hold 3 cups of coffee.


More about cafetieres...

If youíre a big coffee fan, chances are youíre familiar with the wonder of a great steaming cup of fresh coffee every morning. Most of us buy it from a well-known coffee shop on the way to the office. But you can make fresh coffee thatís just as good as the chain coffee if you invest in the right equipment.

When youíre choosing a cafetiere, really think about what youíre going to need in the long run. Size is particularly important, as if you only ever drink one cup a day, you might only need a single cafetiere. However, if you like to drink it throughout the day, or if you make coffee for a lot of people or youíre planning on having a lot of dinner parties, you might like to get yourself a twelve-cup design. If youíre somewhere in the middle, there are three and eight cups available, and nearly all designs specify how many cups they hold. Some even go as far as stating how many litres.

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