Choosing a Cafetiere

A few things to consider when choosing a cafetiere

A cafetiere is a relatively simple item, but there are few things to consider when making sure you buy the right cafetiere.

Glass or Thermal?

Firstly, consider whether you would prefer the traditional, glass cafetiere, or the slightly more expensive, thermal walled cafetieres, which often come in a stainless steel or chrome finish. A glass cafetiere is perfectly fine for nearly all uses and in fact may say a thermal cafetiere is unnecessary, since the coffee should be drunk soon after brewing, although of course, the advantage of a thermal walled cafetiere is that it will keep the coffee hotter for longer. One thing to consider when buying a glass cafetiere is whether you should opt for one with plastic or metal / chrome fittings: many of the more affordable cafetieres are made with a plastic frame (usually in black). Often a better quality cafetiere will have a chrome frame.

glass cafetiere or chrome cafetiere

Cafetiere Sizes

Next, consider the size you need. This is simple, since most cafetiere manufacturers state how many cups of coffee a cafetiere can hold, and in fact some even specifically state how many litres. You can find small, single 1 cup cafetieres, all the way up to large 12 cup cafetieres, with plenty in between.

Cafetiere Brands

Cafetiere Brands: there are plenty of good cafetiere brand names out there, including Bodum, La Cafetiere, Optima and Chambourd, as well as some top quality cafetieres from retailer's own brands, such as John Lewis.

Our Choice of the Best Example Cafetieres

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