Cosies for Cafetieres

The perfect cafetiere accessory - a cafetiere cosy

What could be better for any coffee lover than a lovely cosy for a cafetiere. Not only are they very practical - they keep the coffee warm in exactly the same way as a tea cosy does with tea - but they are also beautifully designed and made and will brighten up the kitchen. We have hand picked the very best cafetiere cosies, so you can see what they are all about, how they look and fit around the cafetiere body. Hopefully you like our selection and you won't need to spend hours searching around the web. We've picked out what we think are the best example of a cafetiere cosy of all kinds, from trusted retailers in UK.

Cosy for a Cafetiere: Our Pick

If you are looking for a cafetiere cosy, see our choice above for all the best deals and styles.

Cafetiere Cosy Info...

A cafetiere cosy is both attractive and practical. They can come in all styles and designs, but should all perform a simple function of keeping your cafetiere coffee warm. Some cosies wrap around the beaker of the cafetiere, some cover the cafetiere completely (like a tea cosy over a teapot). Thee are plenty of different cosies available, in a range of materials and designs. You may find them in wool or in a thick, padded material. Some are unusually decorative, and even come in tartan, patchwork or Union Jack designs. There are some cosies with various messages about coffee etc, and others that are just plain and simple. Either way, we think they make a great addition to any kitchen, and would make a lovely gift for any cafetiere coffee lover.

Buying a Cafetiere Cosy ...

If you are thinking of buying a cafetiere cosy, you'll need to consider the size of cafetiere it will be used with. As you can see from our links on the top right, cafetieres do come in a range of sizes, and it would be a shame if your cosy didn't fit. But other than that, buying a cosy is a very simple and enjoyable task - just find the one that looks the best!

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