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About Cafetieres

A good quality cafetiere is such a wonderful thing to have around the kitchen, especially if you are a coffee lover! A cafetiere is probably one of the easiest, yet most effective ways to make tasty, fresh coffee. And not only that, they look incredibly stylish, and compared with a coffee machine, cafetieres are very affordable.

Using a Cafetiere

A cafetiere is easy to use; simply find the right type of fresh ground coffee and add freshly boiled water. Stir and wait, then press down the plunger, which filters out the coffee grains, leaving you with fresh, aromatic and above all tasty coffee! Finding the right coffee for a cafetiere is easy, and simply refers to how fine the coffee bean grind is. Just look for a coffee brand that specifies on the label that it's for use with a cafetiere. For more detailed instructions, see our page How to Use a Cafetiere.

The Best way to Make Coffee at Home

Cafetieres are so popular these days. Since the growth in popularity of coffee, thanks to High Street coffee shops such as Starbucks, people are paying more attention to the coffee they drink at home too. Of course there are various options for making fresh coffee at home, including stove top espresso makers, filter coffee machines, espresso machines, and the new style coffee pod and capsule machines. All have their advantages and all coffee drinkers have their favourites. But we feel none come close to the taste, simplicity and affordability of a cafetiere. Some coffee machines are quite expensive when compared to a cafetiere, and nearly all fresh coffee makers are fiddly to use when compared to the utmost simplicity of a cafetiere. Taste is always going to subjective, but many coffee aficionados argue that the simple way a cafetiere makes fresh coffee allows the most flavour and aroma to infuse your cup of coffee. In short, a cafetiere makes the tastiest coffee. And better still, you can try out many different coffees from the hundreds of varieties available, so you can find the right brew for you. Unlike the pod and capsule machines, you aren't limited in your choice of coffee - just make sure you get it the correct type of grind specially for cafetieres. Or better still, buy fresh roasted coffee beans and grind them yourself! This will open a whole new world of coffee taste and flavour, and you may well find yourself getting into all sorts of specialist roast coffees.

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